Urpflanze. Metamorphosis of Plants

Design - Series


Petra Pilbák, Budapest, Hungary
t: +40743962753
e: petrapilbak@gmail.com
w: behance.net/petrapilbak

Program: MA in Graphic Design
School: Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

Instructors: Antal Lakner, Beáta Sosity Photography: Anna Szilágyi

The project is based on the concept of the Urpflanze, Goethe's imaginary primordial plant, the origin of all plant forms. The focus is on the unfolding formation of the repeating structures and patterns of the plant kingdom, observing the morphology of plants and the systematic patterns of nature. These patterns were collected in a booklet, the form of which is reminiscent of a plant: the cover is the spine, the stem, from which two tendrils can be unfolded with branched particles at the end.