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Broken Heart Love Affair, Toronto, ON
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Client: Internova Travel Group, Brent Rivard, Angie Licea, Don Jones Chief Creative Officer: Carlos Moreno, Denise Rossetto, Todd Mackie Chief Strategy Officer: Jay Chaney Creative Director: Jordan Hamer, Spencer Dingle, Mark Rozeluk Art Director: Spencer Dingle Copywriter: Jordan Hamer, Sasha Downer Director: Rodrigo Garcia Saiz Production Company: Frank Content Chief Business Officer: Beverley Hammond Designer: Rasna Jaswal VP, Client Success: Cass Farry Account Director: Naomi Olsen, Carlos Game Executive Producer: Danielle Kappy, Beverley Wynn Producer: Keren Kilcoyne Director of Photography: Rory O'Grady Post Producer: Nathan Dharamshi Service Production Company - South Africa: Gatehouse Bidding Producer: Karin Tanchel Edit House: Black Ginger Editor: Jaco Rossouw VFX: Black Ginger Online: Eddie Addinall Audio House: OSO Audio Engineer, Creative Director: Daenen Bramberger Creative Agency: Lifelong Crush Technology + Development Partner: Array of Stars EVP, Managing Director: Caroline Kilgour UX Designer: Adam Slayer UI Designer: Jonathan Agomaa Digital PM: Leigh Lenchner

Winning Entry: youtu.be/8Q1A1oD-9Ck

Internova specializes in human-to-human, concierge-style travel bookings. Internova tasked us with promoting the value of booking through humans in a world obsessed with online booking engines. Our Idea: Go Human. Book Human. Artificial Intelligence doesn't care because it isn't programmed to care. However, humans are designed to provide the care you need.