Infinite Acorns

Craft-Animation - Single


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Ad Agency: Dare Creative Direction: Bryan Collins, Rob Sweetman Art Direction: Addie Gillespie, Mia Thomsett Copywriting: Addie Gillespie, Mia Thomsett Producer: Mike Hasinoff Account Supervisor: Tamara Bennett Production Company: Picasso Pictures, London Executive Producer: Jane Bolton Director: Tokyoplastic Concept Artist: Damian Johnston Modeler & Texture Artist: Christian Johnson Modeler & Texture Artists: Dorianne Fibleuil Rigger: Mark Tsang Animation: Ricardo David Generalist: Dorianne Fibleuil Renderer/Compositor: Gael Lendoiro Music/Sound: Adelphoi Music, London Music Producer: Greg Moore Composer/Sound Designer: Andrew Sherriff, Ashley Bates, Jamie Masters, Stephen Patman Sound Mix: Koko Productions Sound Production: Steve Lowe Sound Engineer: Chris Hobbs

This campaign is a refresh of the MTS Morty/Bison campaign that’s been running in Manitoba for over 10 years. All animation and character design is done by Tokyoplastic and Picasso Pictures in London.