Award Program: Photography
Year: 2014
Category: Motion - Single
Title: United Way - What is a Community

The 2013 National Campaign video for United Way which explores the question, 'what makes a community?'We visited over 20 different communities across Toronto and filmed real people from the various neighbourhoods within our city.

Voice: 416-367-0041

Goh Iromoto / Kith and Kin Productions Inc Director / DP: Goh Iromoto Executive Producer / Line Producer: Courtney Boyd Ad Agency: BBDO Art Direction: Alice Blastorah Copywriting: Neal Khosla Creative Direction: Peter Ignazi Carlos Moreno Agency Producer: Sarah Moen Assistant Camera: Jason Kraus Editor: Tom Mountain Colourist: Jason Zukowski Sound: Aaron Gaistman Cory Revesz Online: Jay Smith

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