Year: 2008
Category: Complete Magazine Design - Series
Title: Plaisirs de vivre

For many years, Plaisirs de vivre has covered a variety of themes within each publication. The articles focus on subjects like architecture, furniture, fashion, design and culture. The visual approach of this magazine provides clear insightful details on the topic it highlights.||

Voice: 514-279-9652

Art Direction: Annie Lachapelle Design Studio: Atelier Chinotto Design: Annie Lachapelle Photography: Miguel Coelho, Undine Prohl, Alexandre Ubeda Architect: Joan Riusech Sànchez Photography: Louis Perreault Design: Elise Eskanazi, Anne Marie Deblois Publisher: Presti-presse Client: Plaisirs de vivre Editor in Chief: Céline Tremblay Architect: Rick Joy Photography: Panos Davios, Marc Montplaisir

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