Year: 2010
Category: Offline Digital
Title: Map of the Future: Climate Change Simulation

The Map of the Future is an interactive climate change simulation created by Tactable for the "Seasons of Change" NSF-sponsored traveling museum exhibit. The exhibit focuses on the current and future potential impacts of local and global climate change. Visitors walking up to the interactive table can place dials on the map to alter the future level of energy supplies and demands, and see how that would impact the world in 2075.

Voice: 617-500-4770

Design Development: Tactable Conceptual Designer: Henry Kaufman, Tinsley Galyean Developer: Rahul Bhargava, Clay Budin Graphic Designer: Aaron Carmisciano Physical Table Design: Dan Anderson Operations: Ariane Martins Grantee Institution: Brown University Producer / Project Manager: Richard Polonsky Research: Environmental Defense Fund Exhibit Design: Jeff Kennedy Associates Content Research / Video and Audio Production: Chedd Angier Lewis Fabricator: Mystic Scenic Climate Simulation: Sustainability Institute / Climate Interactive Chief Scientist, Science Advisor: Steven Hamburg Sponsor: National Science Foundation Digital Agency: Tactable

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