Year: 2013
Category: Magazine Cover - Single
Title: Cover of The Alpine Review — No. 1

The Alpine Review is a bi-annual, comprehensive magazine that tracks changes in thought, systems and creations around the world. The inaugural issue cover had to speak with conviction and creativity. Amongst hundreds of propositions this little girl rose up, fiercely demanding to be chosen. She seemed an interesting reinterpretation of the issue's themes: Antifragility, Determination and Craftsmanship. The intrusion of the centered, colorful, glossy, information block instigates playfulness resulting in future random graphics compositions.


Art Direction: Elise Eskanazi Graphic Designer: Elise Eskanazi Photography: Nick DeWolf Publisher: Louis-Jacques Darveau Editor: Louis-Jacques Darveau, Patrick Tanguay Managing Editor: Jennifer Lynn Bisson Visual Content Editor: Caroline Leduc Printer: Agpograf S.A., Barcelona

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