Year: 2013
Category: Book Cover/Jacket - Single
Title: Cover of Majestic Fragility

Artist Thérèse Chabot grows, gathers and she dries flowers to transforms into her art medium. From the millions of delicate petals she draws monumental fresques in impressive locations such as Galleries, Cathedrals and Sacred Spaces, creating Majestic Fragility. Her work was exposed in both Europe (Rome, Glasgow, etc) and North-America. The cover illustrates the duality of her themes. Humility and Vanity, Simple yet Spectacular, Natural and Royal... Earth merging with the Divine.


Art Direction: Elise Eskanazi Graphic Designer: Elise Eskanazi Publisher: EXPRESSION, Exhibition Center of Saint-Hyacinthe Project Coordination: Véronique Grenier Printer: Imprimerie L’Empreinte

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