Year: 2013
Category: Young Blood Packaging - Single
Title: Crazy Uncle Packaging Young Blood Single

Our client came to us needing a name, branding, and package design for a one-pour cocktail product. In a highly competitive sector, we needed a conceptual hook that would stand out. Inspired by dandyism, the product name and design pay homage to those who march to a different beat. A toast, if you will, to all the crazy uncles. Since launching in December, sales have been strong with plans to launch nationally by spring.

Voice: 416-342-8294

Ad Agency: TAXI Canada Ltd. Chief Creative Officer: Steve Mykolyn Executive Creative Direction: Darren Clarke Creative Direction: Dave Watson President: Jeremy Gayton Art Direction: Winnie Ma Copywriting: Mike Shuman Illustration: Ian Brignell Account Director: Joyce Ho Print Producer: Tracy Haapamaki Printing Company: ASL Print FX Client: Bruno Codispoti, Davide Codispoti

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