Year: 2018
Category: Non-Traditional - Series
Title: Oh Henry! 4:25

With the upcoming national legalization of marijuana, more people will be enjoying 4:20 than ever. That means more Canadians will be getting the munchies, which is a huge opportunity for Oh Henry!, the #1 Canadian hunger bar. We created Oh Henry! 4:25 — a brand new bar formulated for the intense hunger that hits 5 minutes after 4:20, launched with a national campaign a day after the Cannabis Act was voted into law.

Voice: 647-547-3440
Winning URL:

Company: Anomaly Executive Creative Director: Pete Breton, Dave Douglass Creative Director: Jamie Marcovitch Copywriter: Marko Pandza Art Director: Jason Kerr CEO: Franke Rodriguez Managing Director: Candace Borland Head of Client Services: Bryden McDonald Account Director: Daria Lysenko Account Supervisor: Jacqueline Lam Planner: Matt Michels Director of Social Media: Jennifer Stack Social Media Manager: Stefanie Jesney Agency Producer: Julie Caniglia Designer: Timothy Chuang Production Company: Unreasonable Studios Cinematographer: Christian Flook, Kyle Topping, Lester Millado Production Company Producer: Shane Yuhas, Adam Reid Camera/Lighting: Christian Flook, Kyle Topping, Lester Millado Editing Company: Unreasonable Studios Editor: Angela Young Post-Production Company: Unreasonable Studios Agency Network: MDC Partners PR Agency: Mint Media Agency: UM Client: The Hershey Company, Mathieu Gamache, Sara Abe, Azim Akthar

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