Year: 2018
Category: Website - Single

Playfully featuring an old-fashioned radio tuner interface (resonating with our 55+ traveller), the site encouraged the audience to “tune in”. As they scrolled though frequencies, they navigated thematic stations, each with a supporting selection of photos, videos and travel offers.

Voice: 709-739-8400
Winning URL:

Company: Target Creative Director: Tom Murphy Creative Group Head: Kevan Kalyan Copywriter: Jordan Finlayson, Dave Sullivan Digital Design Lead: Ryan Strickland Strategic Planner: Noel O'Dea SENIOR DESIGNER/DEVELOPER: Terry Hudson JUNIOR DIGITAL DESIGNER / DEVELOPER: Thomas Tognacci Account Director: Ernie Brake Account Manager: Allison Daley Digital Producer: Vivian Tulk Junior Art Director: Amanda Blackwood Senior Account Manager: Alaina Collins

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