Year: 2018
Category: Branded or Sponsored Content - Single
Title: Ghosts of the Forum

According to local legend, the Habs’ history of success can be attributed to the presence of deceased players’ ghosts. These helpers, known as the “Ghosts of the Forum”, seemed to bring luck to the team. Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to follow the team once it moved to a new arena. With a paranormal expert, we set out to find and move the Ghosts from the Forum to the Bell Centre.

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Company: Rethink Client: FGL Sports Ltée (Sports Experts) Creative Director: Nicolas Quintal, Ian Grais, Chris Staples Writer: Xavier Blais Art Director: Maxime Sauté Strategist: Pascal Routhier Producer: Marie-Noëlle Rosso, Guillaume Dubois, Marc-André Gilbert, Jean-René Parenteau Account Manager: Marie-Sarah Bouchard, Alexe Dupont Production Company: 1One Director: Anthony Ayotte Director of Photography: Mathieu Elie Editor: Philippe Grenier Post-Production: Gabrielle Doré Sound Production: PO Rioux Music/Sound: 1One, Nico Marquis Web Agency: Atomes & Pixels, Developer: Alexandre Leclair, Olivier Mercier Chan-Kane Media Agency: Touché!

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