Award Program: Interactive Media
Year: 2003
Category: Multimedia - Marketing/Corporate - Single/Series
Title: Station Place Marketing & Information Center [DVDs on Mac/iPod]

The purpose of this fully interactive presentation is to experience and ultimately lease Station Place, Washington's largest real estate development of 1.6 million square feet. Designed to be comprehensive and entertaining with intuitive navigation. It incorporates 200 interactive plans, models and maps, 60 virtual tours, 45 interviews and 37 videos. The viewer is moved beyond what is being built, and how it will be experienced, to a powerful understanding of where this development is taking the neighborhood and how significant the project is to the city.

Voice: 212-490-2626

Creative Direction: Clint Bottoni Creative Direction: Tom Wood Art Direction: Adam Cohen Art Direction: Ian Kinman Art Direction: Tom Wood Copywriting: Mary Anne Costello Design: Clint Bottoni Design: Tom Wood Film Editing: Project M Film Editing: Wood Design Photography: Jaleen Francois Photography: Will Landin Illustration: Animation + Images Design Studio: Wood Design Client: Louis Dreyfus Group

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