Year: 2016
Category: Complete Design Program - Complete
Title: Nota Bene

A renowned Canadian chef needed a new identity to help re-launch his restaurant. Inspired as much by the interior design firm’s marriage of natural and contemporary materiality as by the chef’s philosophy of cooking, the identity reflects the essence of good food and the elements that create a memorable dish. Imagery has a raw sensuality and sense of craft that mirrors Chef’s process and love of food, while texts evoke the restaurant’s spirit of conviviality.

Voice: 416-927-7077

Blok Design Creative Direction: Vanessa Eckstein, Marta Cutler Design: Vanessa Eckstein, Jaclyn Hudson, Kevin Boothe Copywriting: Marta Cutler Illustration: Katrina Penziwal, Bryan Nash Gill Photography: David L. Smith

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