Year: 2013
Category: Calendar - Single
Title: Calendar of Large Cocks

To wish partners and clients a happy new year, the “Rooster – Don’t Be A Large Cock” Calendar was born. It’s a lighthearted reminder that despite the stresses, pressures and frustrations we face in the advertising industry, we shouldn’t be cocks (rude or mean) around the office. The calendar contained 12 rooster portraits and individual rooter bios that highlighted the types of characteristics we shouldn’t adopt in 2013.

Chief Creative Officer: Judy John Creative Direction: Judy John, Lisa Greenberg Copywriting: Steve Persico Art Direction: Kristina Valiunas Designer: Kristina Valiunas, Jeff Watkins Project Manager: Yumi Suyama Photography: Shin Sugino Printing Company: Webnews Printing Ad Agency: Leo Burnett, Toronto Client: Rooster Post Production

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