Year: 2016
Category: Craft-Direction - Single
Title: Hungry Reporter

Hunger gets the best of a reporter on air when his weather, traffic and news update transitions into a rant about his deadbeat son still living at home. The cause of the escalating anger isn’t revealed until the end: he was just hungry and needed a Snickers bar.

Company: BBDO Executive Creative Direction: Denise Rossetto, Denise Rossetto, Todd Mackie, Todd Mackie Writer: Matt Hubbard Copywriting: Matt Hubbard Art Direction: Mike Schonberger, Mike Schonberger Agency Producer: Terry Kavanagh, Terry Kavanagh Account Director: Ariel Vinizki, Ariel Vinizki, Rachel Selwood, Rachel Selwood Account Executive: Jamie Faltl, Jamie Faltl Audio House: Pirate Toronto, Pirate Director: Tom Eymundson Engineer: Ian Boddy

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