Year: 2017
Category: Experiential/Event - Series
Title: The Kia Chairlift

Every Canadian knows two things: How difficult winter driving can be, and how frustrating it is to wait for a frozen metal chairlift. Knowing these Canadian truths, we then saw a great opportunity. So we took a trip to out to visit Silverstar Mountain, BC. Kia SUVs equipped with nothing more than stock winter tires and Dynamax All-Wheel Drive drove skiers to the top, through fresh powder and up a steep grade in total comfort.

Voice: 647-925-1300
Website: Kia Chairlift

Company: Innocean Worldwide Canada Executive Creative Director: Gerald Schoenhoff Art Directors: Arron Isaac, Arnaud Deneux Copywriters: Jonathan King, Nico Baudry Agency Producers: Alina Prussky, Deborah Lee Production Company: Asymetric, Charles Wahl

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