Year: 2017
Category: Pro Bono
Title: Bully Ads

We were asked to use the client’s database of influencers and media to amplify their anti-bullying message online. With cyberbullying, there’s no escape anymore. We noted that retargeting banner ads also behave like a cyberbully. The same ads relentlessly follow you everywhere you go. So we used that same retargeting ad strategy to turn banner ads into Bully Ads for our influencers and the press, so they felt what it’s like to be cyberbullied firsthand.

Voice: 416-960-2432

Company: BIMM/Touché Chief Creative Officer: Roehl Sanchez VP Creative Director : Rene Rouleau Art Director: Andrew Yeung Copywriter: Rene Rouleau Group Account Director : Angela Lowe Account Coordinator: Erin Stear VP Technology : Ralph Reefke Technical Director: Sukh Gill Director of Product Innovation: Scott Keeling Project Manager: Shawn Takacs Sr QA Specialist: Rob Peets Digital Planner : Allison MacLeod Director of Client Insights : Jason Barg Media Agency: Touché Media, AOL Canada PR : Stephen Rouse

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