Award Program: Interactive Media
Year: 2011
Category: Integrated Campaign
Title: 2010 Global CTC UGC Campaign

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Creative Direction: Cosmo Campbell, Dean Lee, Josh Fehr Copywriting: Dean Lee, Cosmo Campbell, Kevin Rathgeber, Cameron Warden, Jeff Galbraith, Neil Shapiro, Jarrod Banadyga, Jessica Schnurr, Mark Sissons Art Direction: Cosmo Campbell, Dean Lee, Murray Falconer, Brandon Thomas, Chris Moore, Colin Hart Account Manager: Bryce Sparks, Shannon Cherry, Dana Rudelier, Geoff Wilton, Shannon Frame, Marty Yaskowich, Jennifer Green Producer: Katherine Mutzke, Erica Jonsson, Kimberly Holden, Gayle Robson, Zerlina Chan, Courtney Smith Photography: Hubert Kang, Kevin Arnold, Daniel St Louis, Clinton Hussey, Various Digital Artist: Laurel Miller, Laurice Martin, Phil Collins, Total Graphics Digital Designer: Ellie Moon, Yuan You Flash: Plus K Studios Studio Designer: Laurel Miller Information Architect: Anne Forkutza, Dale McRae Agency Media: Erin McWhinnie Media Development: InWindow Outdoor Creative Technologist: James Chutter Community Cultivators: Chris Walts, Kumiko Ide, BJ Vicks, Veronica Heringer Mobile Support: Mobile Discovery HTML Development: Justin MacLeod, Anthony Trad, FCV Technologies Audio Company: Wave Productions Recording Studio: Wave Productions Audio House Producer: Craig Zarazun Audio House Engineer: Craig Warrian Post Production Company: JMB Post Editor: JMB Post, Daniella Sorrentino Colourist: Randy Egan Ad Agency: DDB Canada/ Vancouver, DDB Canada/ Tribal Vancouver

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