Year: 2017
Category: Craft Illustration - Single
Title: Miller Lite California Can

Even when beer drinkers love you, they are always switching between multiple brands. We created local illustrated cans to incite trial with consumers that would not normally have chosen Miller Lite. We hoped to get attention from the can instead of using POS. This is the second can in a series of local market specific, single serve cans available at your local convenience store or bodega at a regular price.

Juniper ParkTBWA Chief Creative Officer: Barry Quinn, Alan Madill, Terry Drummond Creative Director: Louis Duarte Art Director: Jayson Schultz Account Director: Adrian Goodgoll Account Executive: Carlo Tan Print Producer: Terry Wykurz Illustrator: Jennifer Vaughn Artist Agent, Charles Glaubitz Client: Miller Coors, Gregory Butler, Cris Riveria, Brian Schmidt, Kristen Fraas

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