Year: 2017
Category: Logo/Wordmark/Brand Identity - Single
Title: Impressions of Play

Athletes wearing sponsors’ logos is nothing new. But athletes creating the logo themselves? This is exactly what we did for Canadian Tire for the 2016 Rio Olympics.  We invited eight Canadian Olympic and Paralympic athletes to help create a logo by making an imprint using equipment from their sport and red paint. These eight imprints were combined to form a maple leaf symbolizing not only a team but also a country coming together through sports.

Voice: 416-545-8420

cleansheet communications Chief Creative Officer: Neil McOstrich Associate Creative Director: Scott Shymko Designer: Dennis Fuentes Production Company: Westside Studio Client: Canadian Tire Print Producer: Deb Flippance Photographer: Dave Delnea, Vicky Lam Producer: John Stevancec, Phaedra Kennedy

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