Year: 2017
Category: Environmental/Signage - Series
Title: The Lemonade Stand

To prove their digital marketing works, Yellow Pages created a new business from scratch - The Lemonade Stand. We designed signage that squeezes and rearranges to match the squeezing of lemonade. Posters were designed to bring lemony sunshine to store interiors, and promote items sold at the store.

Leo Burnett Chief Creative Officer: Judy John Creative Director: Lisa Greenberg, Sean Ganann Group Creative Director: Ryan Crouchman Designer: Dejan Djuric Copywriter: Marty Hoefkes Art Director: Dejan Djuric, Mike Morelli Executive Producer: Franca Piacente Agency Producer: Milena Malovic, Gord Cathmoir Group Account Director: Chris Perron Account Director: Brittany Gold Account Executive: Hazel DeVela Chief Strategy Officer: Brent Nelsen Planner: Trevor Thomas Photographer: Nick Wong Production Designer: Michael Walker

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