Year: 2017
Category: Augmented & Virtual Reality - Single
Title: The Unknown Photographer

This documentary/fiction hybrid takes participants on a journey through a virtual reality filled with the fragmented memories of a First World War photographer. This surrealistic stroll through a museum is set in a 3D universe featuring otherworldly structures and encounters with allegorical characters. A unique experience that invites viewers to question the power of images and the ravages of war.


National Film Board of Canada and Turbulent Production Company: Turbulent Executive Producer: Marc Beaudet, Benoit Beauséjour, Hugues Sweeney Producer: Claire Buffet, Louis-Richard Tremblay Director: Loïc Suty Artistic Director: Claudine Matte Technical Director: Osman Zeki Production Director: Alexandre Leduc Screenwriter: Catherine Mavrikakis

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