Year: 2016
Category: Entertainment, arts & tourism
Title: Kabul Portraits

Afghan storytellers inhabit a fragmented cultural landscape, one where years of conflict have bred both frustration and ingenuity.These prismatic modern portraits of Afghanistan’s culture-makers reflect the nuanced ways they see themselves, the way the world sees them, and, if viewed from a certain angle, something close to the way they are.Co-created by Ariel Nasr, Jeremy Mendes, and the NFB Digital Studio.


Company: National Film Board Co-Creator: Ariel Nasr, Jeremy Mendes Design and Development: Switch United Producer: Annette Clarke Executive Producer: Loc Dao, Annette Clarke Project Manager: Laura Mitchell Operations and Production Manager: Janine Steele Photography: Mikhail Galustav B&W Photography: Christopher Yap Additional Development: We+Are Sound Design: Joshua Stevenson Story Editing: Jen Moss

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