Year: 2016
Category: Integrated or Environmental Campaign
Title: Mímir's Well

“An eye is a small price to pay for all the wisdom and memory of the nine worlds.” That’s what the Norse god Odin said as he sacrificed his eye to drink from the waters of Mímir’s Well. Using Kinect technology, Unity 3D animation and parametric speakers, we created an interactive version of Mímir’s Well that transported guests deep into the nine worlds of Norse mythology.


Company: Allied Reit/SapientNitro Executive Creative Direction: Michael Howatson Creative Direction: Alison Garnett Associate Creative Director: Graham Ameron Experience Lead: Brad Swerdfeger Copywriting: Laura Rothstein Design: Andrew Hodge, Brian Cass Development: David Jackson, Rene Noel, Takbir Sarker Producer: Natalie Gooding, Suraiq Sadi, Moontasir Kabir Production Company: RUNE Entertainment Music/Sound: Sounds Red Builder: JMAC Productions

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