Year: 2008
Category: Consumer Packaged Goods - Single
Title: Change is Bad

Old Style Pilsner is a beer that's only sold in Western Canada. And its loyal drinkers have become almost violently attached to their beer's odd label -- an illustrated scene of a beautiful green valley filled with an eclectic mix of vehicles and characters including rabbits, monks, a stagecoach, and big yellow bi-plane. And twice in their history, Pilsner actually tried to change their label -- and twice it lead to catastrophic results. So, this video is Pilsner's mea culpa to its ardent fans. It's a re-affirmation of that classic western adage "if it ain't broke, don't fix it”

Voice: 416-979-7001

Client: Molson Canada, Jamie Sprules Executive Creative Direction: Steve Mykolyn Creative Direction: Jason Mccann Copywriting: Jason Mccann Creative Direction: Dave Watson Design: Dave Watson Art Direction: Dave Watson Illustration: Graham Roumieu Ad Agency: TAXI

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