Year: 2008
Category: Consumer Packaged Goods - Single
Title: Five Alive - Supercrazyalive

It's supercrazyalive A quirky and innovative Five Alive campaign connected 20-something males to Edgy and irreverent, the site served-up content like a bizarre, sweater-faced bunny, off-the-wall ringtones and a surprise everyday at 5 pm. In just 6 weeks, the site registered over 450,000 visits and 25% repeat visitors.

Voice: 416-925-5997

Creative Direction: Shirley Ward-Taggart, Peter Gomes, Monique Kelley, Judy John Art Direction: Charlyn Wee, Anthony Chelvanathan, Peter Gomes Design: Peter Gomes, Charlyn Wee Copywriting: Greg Shortall, Steve Persico Programming: Dan Purdy Illustration: Dan Turner Ad Agency: Arc Worldwide, Toronto

Winning Website:

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