Year: 2008
Category: Financial Services - Single
Title: Let's Shield California

There are over 6.7 million Californians with no health insurance. As the only major provider in favor of universal coverage, Blue Shield of California wanted to help spark a debate about this issue during a politically charged year. We highlighted the issue of the “uncovered” by creating a series of naked statues all posed in pensive and vulnerable positions. Like limited edition art pieces, each had a number etched on the back identifying them as one of the 6.7 million. Events in public areas featuring the statues and all other campaign elements directed Californians to this microsite which uses imagery of the statues to create an almost never ending landscape of the uninsured. Visitors could get their head around the scale of the problem through several light-hearted activities, watch a campaign video, see clips of what other Californians think, and take action by sending a letter to members of the California congressional delegation.

Voice: 416-979-7001

Chief Creative Officer: Paul Lavoie Creative Direction: Jason Mccann Design: John Thai Copywriting: Matt Keats, Jason Mccann Art Direction: Anne Bioty Client: Doug Biehn, Blue Shield of Califonia Ad Agency: TAXI

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