Year: 2014
Category: Craft-Cinematography
Title: The Devil's Toy Redux

In The Devil’s Toy Redux, audiences can navigate from country to country, film to film and theme to theme. They can also contribute to the project by sharing their skate pictures and videos on Instagram with the hashtag #devilstoy. This project tells a universal story of rebellion and the refusal to obey social mores.Presented alongside the original 1966 film, it lets you see skateboarding through a variety of cultural lenses.

Voice: 514-903-9288

Company: Deux Huit Huit Creative designer: Alex Leduc Film Coordination: Corey Adams, Matt Charland Producer: NFB, Dana Dansereau, Dominique Willieme Executive Producer: NFB, Loc Dao, Hugues Sweeney Film Director: Corey Adams, Matt Charland, Steve Durand, Luke Jackson, Jess James Harris, Nikola Lezaic, Argyris Papadimitropoulos, Marten Persiel, Peter Schüttermeyer, Qi An Juan, Myriam Verreault, Fred Mortagne, Greg Hunt

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