Year: 2008
Category: Online - Single
Title: September Mornings

The McDonald's Egg McMuffin has always been a favourite amongst consumers. However, as more quick-serve restaurant (QSR) competitors introduce their own breakfast sandwiches, customers have begun to believe that fast food does not equal fresh, and all breakfast sandwiches are the same. The main focus of this campaign was to generate awareness around the unique benefit that every McDonald's Egg McMuffin sandwich is made with a freshly cracked egg. The key objectives were to: Increase sales within the mornings category; Shift consumer perceptions that fast food can equal fresh, and reinforce that the Egg McMuffin is the best choice for a breakfast sandwich.

Voice: 416-934-8071

Creative Direction: Elizabeth Yanitsky Art Direction: Jesse Pearson Copywriting: Craig Rowe Interactive Agency: Fjord Interactive Marketing + Technology

Winning Website:

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