Year: 2008
Category: Experimental/Artistic - Single
Title: Samsung’s – Follow your INSTINCT

In 2008 Samsung Canada introduced their iconic product of the year, the Samsung INSTINCT. This touch screen smartphone was targeted at young professionals aged 24-35. With an approaching launch, Samsung challenged Fjord with the task of preparing a teaser campaign. The three key objectives of the teaser campaign were to: 1. Create buzz in the market / get people talking. 2. Create a persona for the product. 3. Demonstrate the key features and benefits of owning a Samsung INSTINCT.

Voice: 416-934-8071

Creative Direction: Elizabeth Yanitsky Art Direction: Paulo Salomao Copywriting: Craig Rowe Production Company: Generator Productions Art Direction: Jeff Cowan Interactive Agency: Fjord Interactive Marketing + Technology

Winning Website:

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