Year: 2008
Category: Online Video - Single
Title: Onslaught

“Onslaught” juxtaposes an innocent 9 year old girl with the barrage of super thin, sexed up images she's inundated with every day. Roughly 300 images cut in rapid succession were condensed down to 1.14 seconds. Typical fashion ads, MTV dancers and TV ads flash by at first then the results of the pressures girls feel -- the obsession with diet, eating disorders and plastic surgery. It ends with a super telling moms to talk to their daughters before the beauty industry does. With almost 150,000,000 media impressions it generated discussion from bloggers and TV and radio journalists. It was 4th on Time's Top 10 of 2007, among Newsweek's best TV ads of the year, despite never running on TV and voted #1 ad of the year in USA Today's readers' poll.

Voice: 416-945-2237

Ad Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Art Direction: Mike Kirkland, Tim Piper, Stuart Campbell Client: Unilever Canada Copywriting: Tim Piper, Mike Kirkland Executive Creative Direction: Janet Kestin, Nancy Vonk Production Company: Steam Films, Worldwide Production Services Photography: Mark Belvedere, Tim Piper, Mike Kirkland

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