Year: 2008
Category: Online Video - Single
Title: Amy

“Amy” brought to light issues girls have with self-esteem and created dialogue around the subject of real beauty. When it comes to a teenage girls' self-esteem, peers can be brutal, even parents are critical, but quite often it's the girls who are hardest on themselves. Designed as something of a love letter to young girls the film tried to get girls to see themselves as others see them -- not flawed and imperfect, but beautiful the way they are. The film, conceived and filmed over a period of 4 months, revolves around a young boy waiting for hours outside a young girls house calling her name hoping she'll come to the window. The supers over picture tell you the girl can name 12 things she doesn't like about her appearance. He can't name one. What made the film even more interactive was the users ability to personalize the name the boy was calling depending on who they wanted to send the link to. All the user had to do was type in the name and the boy would call that name. We filmed the boy calling out the name with wide shots so dubbing was easy. Hundreds of names were recorded in different languages by the group at World Writers to give it international appeal. The last super of the spot read sent to you by someone who thinks you're beautiful. In the end it was sent by everyone from boyfriends to girlfriends to parents and their daughters.

Voice: 416-945-2237

Ad Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Art Direction: Mike Kirkland, Tim Piper Client: Unilever Canada Copywriting: Tim Piper, Mike Kirkland Executive Creative Direction: Janet Kestin, Nancy Vonk Production Company: Worldwide Production Services

Winning Website:[cp-documentid=9125381]/

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