Year: 2016
Category: Complete Book Design - Complete
Title: Woo Fall 2015 - Woo Winter 2016 -Woo Spring 2016

Woo is an experimental magazine which aims to showcase student artwork, criticism and creativity. Through ever-evolving manifestations, Woo has remained committed to creating publications that promote curiosity and reflect the temperature of the student body. Submissions are accepted 3 times a year for printed editions, which are designed in its totality by the Woo team, composed of only students from different years and creative areas.

Voice: 604-446-3513

Students: Daniela Buitrago Castelblanco, Karim Kadi, Bronwyn Carere, Taysia Louis, Adi Berardini, Riley Banks, Lula Christman, Sam Wong, Jessica Mcdaniel, Cassie Chuang Program: Communication Design School: Emily Carr University Students: Naitik Mehta, Jordan Tate

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