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2024 Student Awards

Call for Entry Opens: November 20, 2023
New Deadline: May 6, 2024
Eligibility Period: Work completed during any year of your schooling is eligible (either as a school assignment or personal work).
Results Notification: May 29, 2024

Open Doors with The Applied Arts Awards

Breathtaking portfolio piece. Strut with confidence. Fast-track to landing your first job. Winning awards open doors.

"Since winning my Applied Arts Award I have been approached by potential clients to discuss projects but, mostly it has given me the confidence that I am on the right path."

Marie-Christine Arpin, Photographer, Alma Mater Dawson College

Since 1992 the Applied Arts Awards have helped creative individuals bolster their careers. Our mandate is to foster new creative talent to help them earn recognition, confidence and initiative. Winning an Applied Arts Award will not only help you get your work noticed, but it also shows initiative to the creative industry. Whether you are just starting your journey or looking to launch your career, the Applied Arts Awards give you an advantage in this competitive market. So draw attention to yourself now and be remembered when you send in your resume.

"When I won my first Applied Arts Student Award in 2012, I felt completely overwhelmed with joy and excitement, and dreamt that one day I would be one of the judges. Countless awards later, I can say that the Applied Arts Awards are some of the most prestigious ones out there."

Antonia V. Goga, Vice President, Creative Director, Design & XD, Momentum Worldwide, Toronto, ON, Alma Mater of Conestoga College

What Winners receive

The Applied Arts Student Awards competition is open to high school and post-secondary students completing a degree/diploma studying in a creative arts program; such as:

Be sure to review the Call for Entry kit and 2024 Categories Kit for important information and tips on entering.


2024 Call for Entry Kit 2024 Student Awards Categories Kit My Entries

Student Awards Jury

No matter what area of communication arts you are studying, having your work seen by award-winning, working professionals is the best way to get your career on the right track. Whether potential future employers, future colleagues, future clients, or future mentors, these are the people who can give your portfolio that standout piece, and your confidence that added boost. Every year, we invite a new team of jurors. Together, they represent some of the best companies, brightest rising stars, and most seasoned pros in the business.

Edouard Coune

Edouard Coune is currently working in Brussels, Belgium where he's been Creative Director at Air for the last two years. Two years back to the motherland after spending 10 years in Canada, where he worked for multiple agencies before spending his last three at Rethink. While in Canada, he had the chance to work on brands like IKEA, MolsonCoors, Greenpeace, Unicef and many more while winning a couple accolades along the way such as Cannes Lions, IDEA, Clios, D&AD, The One Show to name a few. Edouard also made it to the top 10 (barely) on the Creative Report Card in Canada last year.

Quim Español

Quim Español Sala, a Creative Director and Designer, serves as Creative Lead for Adidas, creating brand campaigns on a global scale. Acknowledged through multiple awards, his work reflects a deep commitment to fostering creativity. Beyond his professional role, Quim's creative exploration extends into personal projects, such as "Fake is Real," where he merges film, photography, and AI. This endeavor stands as a testament to his genuine passion for pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms and storytelling.

Holly Gallacher
Portland, OR

Holly, an award-winning designer originally from Scotland, currently works as a Senior Designer at Nike in Portland, Oregon. She began her career in London and later relocated to Canada where she contributed to an array of projects across the design spectrum, ranging from large scale brand identity campaigns to experimental apparel design. Holly's work has been featured in the likes of British Vogue, The New York Times and GQ Magazine.

Joel Harding
Calgary, AB

Joel Harding is a Group Creative Director at Critical Mass, a global digital agency voted AdAge's best place to work. Joel leads creative teams sparking meaningful connections between brands and their audiences using design, technology, and storytelling. His work at the intersection of branding, digital experiences and advertising has allowed him to work with a wide range of clients—from the smallest start-ups to the biggest brands like Nike, Apple, Nissan, Infiniti, Citi, and AT&T—winning awards and making friends along the way.

Hayley Hinkley
Los Angeles, CA

Hayley Hinkley is an art director. She directs art. She used to direct art in Toronto at Rethink. Now Hayley directs art in Los Angeles at Mother. Her work has been awarded at every major international award show including Cannes, D&AD, The One Show and the Clios, to name a few. She was also ranked #4 Art Director in Canada in Strategy Magazine's Creative Report Card 2022. When Hayley isn't art directing, she's raising a four-legged Bark Director named Granola.

Camille Lévesque
Montreal, QC

Camille Lévesque is an accomplished Art Director and Designer based in Montreal. She has been with Cossette since 2019 where she has played a central role on several major brand identity projects, including Destination Canada, Intact Insurance, Loto-Québec, Bonjour Québec, Alloprof, Vachon, Can-Am, Planeterra, BDC and WADA. Outside of her life as a design nerd, Camille enjoys applying her signature style of controlled chaos to the fine-but-frustrating art of home pastry making.

Mike Lo Nam
Toronto, ON

Mike is a Toronto-based Creative Director at Citizen Relations with a passion for ideas that generate conversation and storytelling. With more than a decade of experience, his work has been recognized globally by The One Show, Clios, and Cannes, to name a few. Mike's work has been included in Fast Company's 2023 World Changing Ideas list. Mike grew up on a tiny tropical island. If you ever get the chance to meet him, don't hesitate to ask where his accent is from.

Amy Lore
Montreal, QC

Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Amy graduated from the Graphic Design program at Dawson College. For the past 14 years, she has been working on anything from corporate branding to stationery to promotional materials for small businesses. Amy is part of the Paper Creative team lead at Zola; she provides design direction to over 50+ external designers. She loves collaborating with different designers daily and seeing how their designs evolve.

Mike Postma
Halifax, NS

As a software developer turned advertising creative, Mike brings a unique blend of creativity and game-changing strategies to each brief. This Dutch transplant co-founded Atlantic Canada-based Wunder in 2017 out of a desire to do creative work that makes brands stand out. In the past six years, he helped Wunder's clients garner over 400 million earned media impressions and coverage by some of the biggest publications around the world, with the agency recently clinching Gold as Canada's Small Agency of the Year.

Pamela Rounis
Vancouver, BC

Pamela Rounis is a Creative Director at Rethink working with clients such as A&W, SmartSweets and YWCA. Her work has been recognized by The One Show, Clios, Communication Arts, The Advertising & Design Club of Canada, Applied Arts, the Marketing Awards and the National Magazine Awards.

Kevin Sato
Toronto, ON

Over the course of his career, Kevin has endeavored to continually evolve his craft and eye for award-winning creative. With a background in web design and development, he applies a media agnostic approach to creative ideation and strives for seamless integration of an idea across all platforms. His work has been awarded internationally at The One Show, Clios, the London International Awards, the Art Directors Club, The Advertising and Design Club of Canada, Applied Arts and several other national shows in his home county Canada. Throughout his career Kevin has demonstrated an unparalleled passion and dedication to his craft. He is as much Designer as Art Director and isn't satisfied with creative that doesn't drive business results.

Ana Segurajauregui Sanchez
Toronto, ON

Ana Segurajauregui Sanchez is high-functioning dreamer with an obsession to solve problems. She studied psychology in Barcelona in hopes to gain more insight on people and soon after moved to Buenos Aires to study with some of the best creatives in advertising. Currently she works at Bensimon Byrne, where she has been growing for the past five years. She's privileged to have lived in six different countries that have filled her mind with multiple versions of truths and beauty. All of this she carries into her professional career, where she attempts, sometimes successfully, to solve problems for brands like, Danone, Save the Children, Ciel, Volkswagen, HSBC, Casey House, White Ribbon, and Audi.

Johnny Talisman
Calgary, AB

Johnny Talisman started his career winning an Applied Arts Student Award, so it only makes sense that he now judges it… a little bit later. In between his crossing paths with Applied Arts, he's worked on a few start-ups like AT&T, Telus, Boeing, Nestle, Toyota, Scion, Chrysler, Hyundai, Fiat, Shell, Petro Canada, Fairmont Hotels and even a Trump Golf Course (it's as bad as you've heard). He did all this fun stuff working for small agencies like Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi LA, Grey LA & McCann LA. He's married to his inspiration and teaches at AUArts.

Anthony Verge
Quebec, QC

Anthony started to rack up awards for his work during his graphic design studies at Université Laval. LG2 was quick to spot his talent and offered him a bursary to begin his design career. That was 11 years ago. Since then, he's achieved remarkable success, receiving over 75 awards from esteemed national and international competitions like Applied Arts, Communication Arts, The ADCC, Marketing Awards, Grafika, IDEA, and the LIAs. His journey now includes a noteworthy milestone – having been promoted to Creative Director, a testament to his ongoing commitment to excellence and leadership in the field.

Danielle Zablocki
Toronto, ON

Danielle is an award-winning Art Director. She has been awarded internationally by The One Show, Cannes Lions, The Advertising & Design Club of Canada & the ANDYs, to name a few. Last year, Danielle ranked in the top ten Art Directors in Canada. She is a creative that thrives off creating acts, not ads. Acts are ideas that are press-focused, garnering attention for a brand to make it famous. Have you ever heard of the infamous Heinz Hot Dog Pact? Her most significant professional achievement is solving the age-old debacle by creating a campaign to finally align hot dog makers with hot dog bun makers for the same number of each per package. Being a creative isn't just her job, it's in her DNA.

Melissa Zeta
Senior Designer
Toronto, ON

Melissa is a Toronto-based designer with over 12 years of experience across agencies, including Cundari, TAXI, Sapient, and presently, Anomaly. A proud alumni of York/Sheridan's Design program. Her portfolio features brands such as Bud Light, Koodo, and the iconic BRP line—Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo, Can-Am. Her journey led her to a newfound passion for Brand Identity, recently receiving an Applied Arts Award for Brand Identity for the transformation of the Chadwick Boseman Foundation for the Arts. Driven by a passion for community impact, Melissa dedicates herself to projects within underrepresented communities, exemplified by her involvement with Israella Kobla, a Toronto fashion house championed through Anomaly's Equal Advantage program, as well as her work on the film Underplayed, which sheds light on the underrepresentation of women in music. Her joy and commitment extend to designing for those who stand for meaningful causes.

Judging Process

All work is entered and judged digitally. Therefore, please read our RECOMMENDED BEST PRACTICES, in the 2024 Categories Kit to ensure you submit your work properly for maximum impact.

The judges are divided into groups, with each viewing a different and random group of entries. Each judge reviews and scores entries separately. Judges do not confer or discuss their work, and there is only one round of judging.

Entries are given one total score, based on three criteria only:

  1. Creative merit.
  2. Technical excellence.
  3. Suitability for end use in the category it was submitted to.

NOTE: Entries submitted to the high school categories are judged with the level of experience and available resources taken into consideration.


Open internationally to post-secondary (under-graduate and graduate studies) and high-school students. All entries are submitted digitally, in hi-res format. Only digital entries are accepted for this competition.

High-School Students | Are only eligible to apply to the high school categories.

Graduates | If you graduated from a post-secondary school within the past year, you may still submit work completed during your studies.

Work completed either as a school requirement or independently (personal work), during any year of your schooling, is eligible to be submitted to the competition (but not work submitted previously).

Categories & Entry Fees

Entry fees vary per sub-grouping and category. Please be sure to download the 2024 Student Categories Kit for detailed pricing.

Brand Activation Program
Brand Identity Design Program
Concept Development
Digital Experimental/Innovative Program
Entire Advertising Campaign
Entire Design Program
Entire Packaging Design Program
Entire Promotional Design Program
PR/Social Media Campaign
Social Responsibility Program

Print/Offline Ad or Promotional Messaging
Digital Advertising
Video – Any TV or Online Ad

Corporate Design Applications
Logo Design or Rebranded Logo
Editorial Design
Packaging Design
Product Development
Promotional Design
Typography Design & Application

Digital Animation
Digital Content
Motion (Video or Short Film)
Website Design

Photo Illustration
Photo Manipulation
3D Modelling

Entries can be from any application from the sub-groupings above.

Entry Material Guidelines

All entries are submitted digitally only. Hi-res, final files are to be submitted for judging. These files will be used for publication, if selected as a winner.

Main Entry Files

Your Main Entry File(s) must clearly show the entry (ideally with no additional graphics) in hi-res format.


SINGLE | 1 File

A single unit – Such as an ad, annual report, book/publication, multiple-page brochure, poster, environmental signage for an event/storefront, website, etc.

SERIES | 3 Files maximum

2 – 3 units – i.e. A family of logos, packages, ads, package, posters.

CAMPAIGN | 6 files maximum

Up to 6 elements/units from an entire campaign or program to promote an event, brand, product, service or business.

IMPORTANT NOTE RE MULTI-PAGE PDFS: Use a PDF with multiple pages to incorporate any additional images while still adhering to the maximum number of files allowed. For example, the PDF could have several pages that show the image/illustration in final context, inside pages from a book or multiple views of 3D entries such as packaging, etc. but it only counts as 1 file. This allows you more opportunities to show your work, without going over the file limit.

Support Files

Support Files are mainly for clarity to assist the judges. They are optional and not for publication (except where noted), and do not count towards the file limitations noted above. Upload these to the "Entry Supporting Materials" sub-section of ENTRY MATERIALS on the entry form.

Please note these important required vs. optional Support Files for certain entries:

~ English translations for non-English entries:  Include any important text (e.g. headlines, entry title) either as a Support File or within a multi-page PDF as part of your Main Entry File.

~ Explanatory notes for the judges: Although not recommended (except where noted in a category), brief descriptions/explanations of up to 50 words may be added for clarity (or up to 10 seconds for video files) Include either as Support File or within your Main Entry File.
~ Case studies While not recommended (as outcomes are not a criteria for judges in scoring), case studies can be added ONLY as a Support File and should be limited to max. 45 seconds. REMINDER: You must include the actual creative to be judged as your Main Entry File.

~ Uploading the same creative: Don’t submit the same creative either a file or a URL link if it has already been added as the Main Entry Material. However, available links to non-static creative are requested in the Winners information section for publishing in the online Winners Gallery.
~ Entrant information: Do not add a watermark that identifies the entrant on either the Main Entry Files or Support Files/URLs. EXCEPTION self-promotion work is exempt.

Acceptable File formats AND RESTRICTIONS:





Entries are judged online. Here's how to help the judges:

How To Enter

The entry form consists of five (5) steps. You will have the option to save your progress during each step of the process.

Create your "MY ENTRIES" Account.

This is your Applied Arts Awards account for all Awards competitions. Once logged in, personal account information can be updated, a new entry can be started, copied from an existing one, or edited; and you can pay for all or some entries.

Bookmark for easy access to your account later.

Be sure to provide a phone number and email address that you access regularly outside of school when setting up your "My Entries" awards account. All winners will be notified in June, so it is CRUCIAL that you are available to provide any additional images or information we may need for the Awards Annual.

NOTE: If you've entered the Applied Arts Awards previously, please use the email address associated with your account.

All entrants must complete an online entry form in My Entries, regardless of payment method, to be eligible for entry.

View a sample entry

Step 1: Entry Information

Select the Student Awards competition, choose a sub-group, category and your entry title.

Step 2: Entry Materials

Entry format: All entries are to be submitted digitally. See ENTRY MATERIAL GUIDELINES section above for detailed specifications.

Step 3: Winners' Information

This section is for publication only and is not visible to the judges. Please review the information carefully. There will only be 48 hours to edit this information after the Winners have been notified.

The "Winner" field is the primary individual you want to be credited on the piece (i.e. the student).

NOTE: In instances of a group project enter only the first individual of the team as in the "Winner" field. The other team member(s) should be added in the CREATIVE CREDITS section. (See Step 4: CREATIVE CREDITS for further explanation on how to enter additional names so that they are properly credited as "Winners").

Optional fields: Phone, email, web address, social handles, and the URL to the winning entry (typically, for motion entries). If these are entered, they will be published beside your winning work.

NOTE: We recommend including the URL as, due to file sizes, we don't upload the MP4 files directly for viewing in the Winners Gallery. They are only used for judging.

Description of Entry: For the purpose of providing a brief creative summary of the project to be published beside your winning entry. The description is limited to a maximum of 500 characters (includes spaces).

NOTE: The "Descriptions of Entry" are for publication use only and are not shown to the judges. If additional clarity is needed for the judges, a description/explanation may be added to either your Main Entry file(s) or as a Support File. Please limit it to 50 words or a max 10-second intro for video/broadcast.

Step 4: Creative Credits

Credits are a summary of the individual(s) or organizations(s) that have worked on the project (i.e. instructor, school, or program).

A maximum of 6 creative credit roles will be published in the Annual, however, any/all creative credits you entered will appear in the online Winners Gallery.


Step 5: Certificate information

Winners will receive one certificate for each winning entry. Complete the winning individual you wish to appear on the certificate. The entry title with the category the project won, and school will automatically be included on the certificate. You will have the opportunity to order additional certificates once winners have been notified.

Next: Finalizing Your Entry
After Step 5, the entry form is complete. Press the "Save" button to return to the "My Entries" dashboard to submit a new entry, copy an existing entry to a new category, or submit payment.

IMPORTANT: A submitted entry is not final and entered in the competition until it's paid for. Entries may be edited until paid. Once payment has been processed, it is final.

Payment & Refunds

Entry fees vary. Check the 2024 Student Awards Categories Kit for entry fees. Some or all of the entries can be paid for at any given time – just select which entries to pay. Once an entry is paid it is officially in the competition and cannot be modified.

Payments can be made by Visa, MasterCard or American Express (AmEx is for Canadian payments only at this time), or PayPal. US and international entry fees are payable in US funds.

NOTE: For US/International entrants, select PayPal as your Payment type, then click the "Pay with Credit Cards or VISA debit".

We only accept cheque, or direct deposit in special circumstances. These cases must be pre-approved. Contact with your request.

Note to Students with a School Code
For students with a school code, please select "School Code" as the method of payment, followed by the school code issued by your instructor/school.

Note to Teachers
If you have a large volume of student entries to submit and would like to organize payment through your school, contact for a School Group Code. We will track entries and issue an invoice.

Entries are non-refundable. In cases of entries submitted to the same category, entrants will have the option to move the entry to another category or enter new work in its place.

Keep a record of your submissions.


All entrants will be notified by late-May 2024 via email. At that time, you will have only 48 hours to correct or finalize creative credits and descriptions.

To ensure you don't miss the results notifications, add to your address book.

Award recipients will earn the following recognition for their their outstanding work


  • Order additional certificates for your creative team, client, etc. with an option to order a plaque-mounted certificate.
  • Order additional copies of the Student & Advertising Awards Annual at a discounted price.
  • Order a personalized, engraved Awards trophy. This attractive and original Lucite AACE cube is 3.5x3.5x3.5 square inches.

*Additional fees apply

Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility FAQ

I'm a high school student. Can I enter? Yes. There are a limited number of categories available for high-school students in the Student Awards competition. The rest of the categories are open only to post-secondary students attending a college, university or other type of art school.

I am currently studying a post-graduate/graduate program, am I still eligible to enter? Yes. You are still eligible to enter the Student Awards competition.

Am I still eligible to enter if I recently graduated? If you've graduated in the past year you are still eligible to enter the Student Awards. You may also qualify to submit work to the Young Blood categories in the professional competitions. Please see the specific discipline for eligibility.

Judging FAQ

Will the judges see my descriptions during the judging? Judges do not see the creative descriptions you have entered. These are only for publishing beside your entry if chosen as a winner. If you feel judges need an explanatory note, you may include a brief description as a Support File (no more than 50 words or 10 seconds for broadcast/video).

Categories FAQ

Can I enter a piece in multiple categories? Yes. In your account on the My Entries home page, click "Copy" on any entry you've created. Be sure to change the discipline and/or entry category to the new one you want to submit to.

Which category does my entry belong in? Often the best way to understand a category is to see previous work that won in that category. Check our online Winners Gallery for examples. If you still have questions regarding our categories or require assistance in selecting the appropriate category, contact

NOTE: Applied Arts reserves the right to move an entry to another category if we feel it unsuitable or incorrectly categorized.

Is my entry a single series, and campaign? A single means one piece, and series means you are submitting more than 1 piece of the same project to a maximum of three. A campaign is up to 6 pieces for the Student competition. If an entry contains more than the specified images, we will either contact you to split the submission into multiple entries, or choose which ones will be judged, so it's best to stick to the indicated number of pieces specified.

Entry Material FAQ

At what specs do I need to submit my entry? Refer to ENTRY MATERIAL GUIDELINES section for specifications.

Can I submit a hard copy or disk? No. Only digital uploads are accepted.

The program crashed. Did I lose everything? No. You are saving your work as you go through each section of the entry form. If the program crashes as you are completing a certain section, it may not have been saved in that section.

The file I uploaded won't show me a preview. Why? You may not see the image preview if you haven't followed the specs outlined in ENTRY MATERIAL GUIDELINES. Check your file and re-upload. If you continue to experience difficulties, try clearing your browser history or contact

I uploaded the wrong file. Can I change it? Yes. You can resubmit images at any time until payment is made. Click the "X" beside the appropriate file and re-upload your image.

NOTE: The thumbnail image may not correctly display your new image. If this happens close your browser and log back into "My Entries" for the changes to show. If you continue to experience difficulties, try clearing your browser history or contact

Rights FAQ

Do I need to get the rights of the subjects or material used from external sources in my entry? It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure copyright is not infringed. Upon entry you must grant us the rights to reproduce the image or images for both our online and print publications, so you would most likely need to have these rights in place to protect yourself. Although you do not need to send us a copy of the release forms, we do suggest that you have them. Entrants who request we don't run their winning work because they don't have the rights will not be refunded for their entry. NOTE: Student work is often exempt from copyright rules.

What rights do I retain if my work is chosen? You retain all rights to your images.

Payment FAQ

How do students enter and pay? Payments can be made by Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, or with a School Code. If using a school Code select the "School Code" option under Payment Method to finalize the entries.

Can I submit more entries after paying? Yes. In My Entries, you will have the opportunity to submit additional entries even if others already entered have been paid. This will simply generate a new confirmation email when you complete your entries with payment.

I want to change something after I've paid. What do I do? Once an entry is paid, you cannot change the category, entry title, entry format, winners information, description of entry, or credits. A paid entry is final, so check carefully before proceeding to the payment field. If chosen as a winner, you will be given a small window of time to add or edit information.

Can I get a refund? Entries are non-refundable; costs cover administration, processing and the judging of the entry. A submission of entry acknowledges acceptance of these rules.

I'm getting error messages when I try to pay. What do I do? If you entered your payment information incorrectly on your first attempt, any subsequent attempts would be declined, even if you change your payment type. Close your browser and log back into My Entries. You should now be able to proceed with payment. If you continue to experience difficulties, contact

Winners FAQ

If I win, what image will you use for reproduction? We will use the image(s) you submitted on entry. In the case of series, complete, campaign or motion, we select a sampling at our discretion from the images/files submitted.


Questions? If you've checked all of the above sections and cannot find the answer to your question, or if you are having difficulty entering, contact


Applied Arts reserves the right to amend these rules throughout the competition. Applied Arts assumes all entries are original and the property of the entrant, with all rights granted therein. Applied Arts reserves the rights to publish or exhibit entries for our print or electronic formats, or related promotions. Entries are non-refundable. Costs cover administration, processing, and the judging of the entry. Entries may be moved to a more suitable category, if Applied Arts deems the category chosen unsuitable. All descriptions and credits are subject to be edited for length, clarity and grammar in accordance with the Applied Arts editorial style guide. A submission of entry acknowledges acceptance of these rules.