The Applied Arts Awards

Recognizing outstanding creative excellence

The Awards were initiated in 1992 by Applied Arts magazine Canada's leading voice in the visual communications industry, we recognize creative excellence at the professional and student level in Canada and abroad. The winners can gain credibility and enhance their reputation to attract new clients, and to open-up new career opportunities, additionally, the competition helps foster a sense of community and collaboration within the applied arts industry in Canada and beyond. The Applied Arts Awards is your best opportunity to promote your work to influential creative professionals.

All work submitted to an Applied Arts Awards competition is evaluated by a panel of industry experts, including renowned designers, art directors, art buyers, and advertising creative professionals. The judging process involves a thorough assessment of the artistic and technical aspects of the work and is evaluated on the category it was submitted to.

The Applied Arts Awards competitions covers a wide range of categories, including these and many more: creative advertising, animation, design, editorial design, environmental design, illustration, interactive media, packaging, and photography. As motion is becoming more prevalent in all creative fields, both in commercial art and in visual arts, we have added more motion categories in each of our competitions. Be sure to check each of the competitions for details on the new categories.

For categories, eligibility or to submit your work, click on the competition of interest.

2024 Student Awards

2024 Advertising Awards
Opens: May 6, 2024
Deadline: August 30, 2024

Entering work to an Applied Arts Awards competition is easy thanks to a streamlined awards management system.

  • You can stop and restart at any time during the entry process.
  • All submissions are digital, with a simple upload process and clearly defined entry material requirements.
  • Easy to use Awards interface that allows entrants to enter multiple competitions.
  • Simple processes for entering creative credit roles – once creative credit roles are inputted; they can be reused for subsequent entries.
  • If you are a recent graduate with a limited number of years in the industry you are eligible to enter the Young Blood categories to help you establish your creative talent with like-minded peers. Visit each Awards competition for eligibility.
  • If you are a current high school, post-secondary, graduate studies student, or an individual who graduated up to 1 year ago, our Student Awards competition is the best way to kickstart your creative career.

Juries of senior-level creative professionals review the submissions and judge entries based on creative merit, technical excellence and suitability for end use. Those that meet a pre-determined cut-off score are published in their corresponding awards Annual and online within the interactive Winners Gallery, equally and without prejudice.

You've created the work. Now it's your turn to get recognized

Here are the many benefits winners receive in recognition of their outstanding work:

  • Published in Applied Arts Magazine: Winning entries are featured prominently in the corresponding Applied Arts Awards annual, which serves as a showcase of the best creative work in the industry. The Awards Annual provides winners with valuable exposure and recognition within the creative community and will be received by all winners.
  • Online Gallery: Winners' work is showcased in the Applied Arts Awards online gallery, which serves as a digital exhibition of the awarded entries. This online presence can further increase exposure and visibility for the winners' work.
  • Digital Winners' Badge: Winners are granted the right to display the Applied Arts Awards winners' badge on their website, portfolio, or marketing materials. This badge serves as a visual mark of distinction and can help enhance their professional reputation.
  • Award Certificate: Winners receive an official award certificate acknowledging their achievement in the Applied Arts Awards competition. This certificate serves as a tangible symbol of their accomplishment and can be used for promotional purposes.
  • Industry Recognition: The Applied Arts Awards are highly regarded within the creative industry and winning an award can significantly enhance a professional's reputation and credibility. It can also attract attention from potential clients, employers, collaborators, and peers, opening up new career opportunities and collaborations.

Enter your work for an opportunity to showcase your talent, gain recognition, and connect with the creative community. Enter today!