2015 Photography & Illustration Awards Winners Announced

February 18, 2015

2015 Photography & Illustration Awards Winners Announced


They're here, they're here! The final results of the 2015 Applied Arts Photography & Illustration Awards are in and we're delighted to present the winners, listed below.


If you're still reading this and haven't scrolled down yet to see who won, we commend you. And we'll let you know that an Applied Arts Awards winner receives coverage in-book in the May/June 2015 issue of the magazine, our Photography & Illustration annual. Winning entries are reproduced beautifully on premium stock paper and are part of an edition that often becomes a reference book for industry professionals. 


In addition, winning entries will be included in our online Winners' Gallery, which goes live upon release of the issue. There they'll stay for one year before being transferred to our Awards Archive, searchable of over a decade's worth of inspiring pieces.


We'd like to thank our panel of 10 judges for all of their hard work reviewing the entries. (There were a lot of them!) For the full list of our jurists, click here.


And without further adieu...we present the winners!


Michael Abril
Michael David Adams
Joan Allen
Gary Alphonso
Adrian Armstrong
KC Armstrong
Dan Bannister
Evonne Bellefleur
Darryl Block
Normand Blouin
Craig Boyko
Rich Brainerd
Nicholas Briggs
Cole Burston
C&B Advertising

Sandrine Castellan
Laara Cerman
LM Chabot
Maude Chauvin
Lynn Chen
Julien Chung
Benoit Tardif

Pedro Covo

Emmanuel Polanco

Aaron McConomy

Kelly Schykulski


Veronique Joffre

Sonia Roy

David Despau

Paul Souders

David Dean

Michael Crichton
Lucie Crovatto
Adamo de Pax
David De Stefano
Elizabeth Delage
Dave Delnea
Charles DesGroseilliers
Audree Desnoyers
Robert Desroches
Peter Diamond
Dana Dorobantu
Anton Doudkine
Sébastien Dubois-Didcock
Simon Duhamel
Sylvain Dumais
Nicole Duplantis
Jessica Edwards
Eydís Einarsdóttir
Noah Fallis
Heba Farahat
Colin Faulkner
Laurindo Feliciano
Joseph Ford
Paul Giamou
Doug Gibbons
Martin Girard
Chris Gordaneer
Virginie Gosselin
Donna Griffith
XuJun Han
Cleonique Hilsaca
Michael Indresano
Insight Editions
Goh Iromoto
Kezia Nathe
John Keatley
Sofie Kirk
Karen Klassen
Ric Kokotovich
David Krovblit
Tracey Kusiewicz
Dominique Lafond
Maylies Lang
Craig Larotonda
Hans Laurendeau
Gilles lauzon
Leda St.Jacques
Jean-François Lemire
Leo Burnett, Toronto
Le Quartier
Benoit Levac
Mathieu Lévesque
Mengxin Li
Claire Liao
Lightroom Inc.
Liz Lomax
John Londono
Peter Andrew Lusztyk
Virginia Macdonald
Rob MacInnis
MacLaren McCann
Michael Mahovlich
Pierre Manning
Harold Lee Miller
Jeffrey Milstein
Ahwon Min
Liam Mogan
Miguel Montaner
Janicke Morissette
Ricardo Munoz
Stéphane Najman
Frank Neufeld
Sandy Nicholson
Natasha Nicholson
Jim Norton
Finn O'Hara
Eiko Ojala
Nikki Ormerod
Raphaël Ouellet
Ian Perch
Franklyn Pereira
Laurent Pinabel
Jodi Pudge
Pulp Studios Inc.
Michele Ramberg
Scott Ramsay
Philip Rostron
Carlyle Routh
Jeff Sciortino
Jean Francois Seguin
Doug Seidl
Chris Sembrot
Kerry Shaw
Brett Simms
Spafax Canada
Jason Stang


Anna Staub
Olivier Staub
Marjorie Steffe
Ryan Szulc
TAXI Vancouver
Sébastien Thibault
Carson Ting
Gabrielle Laïla Tittley
Nguyen Tran
Christian Tremblay
Martin Tremblay
Carl Tremblay
Pol Turgeon
James Turner

Ulysse del Drago
Fabricio VandenBroeck
Viva & Co.
Ashlea Wessel
Adrien Williams
Kitt Woodland
Gerard Yunker
Michael Zavacky
Warren Zelman