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Extended Deadline!

The 2014 Advertising & Interactive Awards deadline has been extended until April 24!  Don't miss your chance at increased exposure in print and online.

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Student Awards

Get noticed by the pros! The 2014 Student Awards are now open and accepting entries until Friday, May 16.


Feature Story

2014 Design Awards Winners Announced


After hours upon hours of entering, collecting, sorting, judging and tallying, it all leads to this: the announcement of the 2014 Design Awards winners!


Our nine esteemed judges (pictured above) spent days reviewing digital entries, and then convened at S1 Studios earlier this week for a full day of scoring all the hard-copy work. We had a record number of entries this year, which is always a good sign: more work is getting picked up, and the creative community is thriving!


All of the winning work will be displayed in the July/August 2014 issue of the magazine, the Winners Gallery and Archives on our website and at our AACE Awards Party which will be held in Toronto this fall.


The AACE Design Winner and Young AACE Design Winner will be kept under wraps until the AACE Awards Ceremony, held in the fall of 2014. They’ll receive our coveted AACE cube award and extended coverage in an all-AACE issue of Applied Arts, published in March 2015.


Congrats to all for an outstanding year in design! Without further ado, here’s the full list of Design Awards winners.

From the Wire

A Postage PSA from Lowe Roche


If there was ever an important stamp to collect, the one designed by Lowe Roche for The Missing Children’s Network is it. Earlier this month, the Toronto ad agency created an installation of 1,000 stamps for the Quebec charity at a hotel in Toronto. The stamps,emblazoned with the faces of missing Canadian children, werelined up ... Read the full article.

Creative Licence

April is the Cruellest Month

by Suzanne Pope


The past few weeks have not been good ones for the dignity of our industry. Perhaps the most consoling news was that the US Airways employee responsible for that pornographic tweet will not be fired for the mistake. (It’s entirely possible the “employee” is, in fact, an unpaid intern, but let’s not dwell on that.) General Mills showed similar quick thinking over controversy regarding a quiet change to its legal policies. The New York Times revealed that under General Mills’s new legalese, a simple “like” on the company’s Facebook pages might revoke a consumer’s right to sue — so Facebook users flocked to those pages for the sole purpose of saying they wouldn’t...Read more.


Unboxing Harry

by Will Novosedlik


Shaving. Some men hate to do it. Others love it. Me, I love to do it. Maybe I have OCD. Or maybe I just don’t like the fact that with more than a day’s growth on my face, I look a lot older. And I’m already old. Whatever the reason, I shave every morning. It’s part of my ritual, part of greeting the day, a way of “suiting up” for the game of daily life...Read more.


All About the AACE


Were you at our AACE Awards? You might be on video! We held our second annual AACE party on November 28, 2013 at Berkeley Church in Toronto and filmed our winners and guests enjoying food, drink, great company and a whole lot of prize-winning art. Check out the footage from the event below — hopefully we'll see you there this year!...Read more.