2016 Photography & Illustration Awards Winners Announced

February 19, 2016

2016 Photography & Illustration Awards Winners Announced

Nuit Magique, Leda & St-Jacques, from our 2015 program


The results of our first awards program of the year are in! 


Our panel of judges spent weeks combing through thousands of entries. We just tallied their scores and are excited to share the list of 2016 Photography & Illustration Awards winners! 


Winners will have their work and credits published on premium gloss paper in the May issue of the all-new Applied Arts, redesigned by our new creative directors at Tung. They'll also appear in our tablet edition, and in our online Winners' Gallery, where their work will live on in perpetuity in our searchable archive. 


A big thanks goes out to our award sponsors, Vistek and 4Over, our print and paper partners Mi5 Print & Digitaland Veritiv, and our association partners GDC and RGD for their help in producing our upcoming Interactive Awards section.


We know you're anxious to get to those names, so find the list after the jump. Thanks to everyone who entered and made this a fun experience for our judges, and congratulations to the latest batch of Applied Arts Awards winners!


Aaron Cobb
Adrian Armstrong
Adrien Williams
Air Canada enRoute - Spafax Canada
Alain Desjean
Allen Kwong
Alyssa Wodabek
Amelia Spedaliere
Amy Czettisch
Andrea Marchioni
Andrey Popov
Angelina McCormick
Anne Kauranen
Aquil Virani
Ashlea Wessel
August Industries
Aurora Photos
Barbara Graetzer
Barun Fox
Belle Neufeld
Bjoern Arthurs
Blue Hive
Bottle Rocket Pictures
Brad Pickard
Braden Summers
Camp Pacific
Carlyle Routh
Carson Ting
Chairman Ting Industries
Chez Valois
Chris Gordaneer
Chris Lyons
Chris Sue-Chu
Christian Lalonde
Christian Tremblay
Citrus Photography
Colin Faulkner
Colleen O'Hara
Corey Lansdell
Cracker Films
Craig Boyko
Cruz Martinez
Dana Dorobantu
Daniel Desmarais
Danielle Matar
Darren Booth
Darren Kemper
David De Stefano
Denise Plauché
Derek Shapton
Dina Goldstein
Diyou Wu
Dominique Lafond
Douglas Bradshaw
Eleanor Rosenberg
Ethan Pines
Fiocca Studio
Foodie Photography
Four Eyes Art + Design
Gabriel Carbonneau
Gabrielle Sykes
Gary Alphonso
Gerard Yunker
Glasfurd & Walker
Goh Iromoto
Greg Blue
Greg Bos
Greg Ruhl
Grip Limited
Hans Laurendeau
Hired Guns Creative
Homage Collective
House of Anansi Press
Hsin Chen
Ian Mackenzie
Innocean Worldwide Canada
Istvan (Steve) Pinter
Ivan Zhao
Jackie Ferrentino
James Tse
Jason Gordon
Jazhart Studios Inc.
Jean-François Seguin
Jeff Sciortino
Jeffrey Milstein
Jens Kristian Balle
Jessica Deeks
Jiani Lu
Jim Norton
JJ Sulin
John Londono
Jonny Hetherington
Josee Lecompte
Joseph Ford
Julie Beauchemin
Juniper Park\TBWA
KBS Toronto
KC Armstrong
Kevin Lanthier
Kristofer Dan-Bergman
Kristopher Grunert
L2R Studio
La Cavalerie
Laila Haus
Larry Westler
Laura Slipp
Lauren Davies
Le Quartier
Leda & St-Jacques
Leif Miltenberger
Lenny Poplianski
Levon Biss
Lightroom Inc.

LM Chabot
Lorraine Turci
Lynn Chen
Marcus Møller Bitsch
Marlee Maclean
Marnie Burkhart
Martin Dessureaux
Martin Girard
Mathieu Lévesque
Matthew Polvorosa Kline
Maude Chauvin
Meaghan Ogilvie
Michael Abril
Michael David Adams
Michael Glaser
Michael Zavacky
Narges Jafari
Nicholas Sadek
Pam Lau
Paul Giamou
Peter Andrew Lusztyk
Peter K.C. Ho
Philip Kanwischer
Phoebe Glasfurd
Photolux Commercial Studio
Pierre St-Jacques
Pulp Studios Inc.
Punch & Judy Inc.
Rack & Pinion Creative
Raeff Miles
Raphaël Ouellet
Ric Kokotovich
Rob Lee
Rod Bland
Rodeo Production
Ronald Tsang
Ryan Szulc
Sandrine Castellan
Sandy Nicholson
Scott McKowen
Scott Ramsay
Sébastien Thibault

Shayne Laverdière
Shoot Studio
Simon Duhamel
Stephan Schmitz
Stephen MacLeod
Steve Gordon
Steve Krug
Studio 331
Sylvie Racicot
Taeko Yamanouchi
Tara Hardy
Tasheena Magal
The Mad Marker
The Phoenix Group
Tim & Andrea Wedig
Timothy Nguyen
Tracey Kusiewicz
Uno Photodesign Inc.
Valérie Deland
Vigg Illustration
Vincent Gagnon
Vincent Lions
Virginie Gosselin
Waldy Martens
Wedig & Laxton Photography
Westside Studio
Wilson Barry
Yingting Shih
Yuri Dojc
Zetä Production