2017 Photography & Illustration Awards Winners Announced

February 17, 2017

2017 Photography & Illustration Awards Winners Announced

A winner from last year. Ethan Pines, "At Home With Ra." Advertising Photography - Series, 2016 Photography Awards


We're pleased to reveal the list of 2017 Photography & Illustration Awards winners!


Winners will have their work and credits published on premium paper in the May issue of Applied Arts. They'll also appear in our tablet edition, and in our online Winners' Gallery, where their work will live on in perpetuity in our searchable archive. 


A big thanks goes out to our panel of judges (watch for their bios in the May issue), our award sponsors, Vistek and 4Over, our print and paper partner Mi5 Print & Digital, and our association partners GDC and RGD for their help in producing our upcoming Photography & Illustration Awards section.


We know you're anxious to get to those names, so find the list after the jump. Winners emails are rolling out now, so watch for yours! The deadline for high-res material is February 27, 2017.


Thanks to everyone who entered and made this a fun experience for our judges, and congratulations to our newest Applied Arts Awards winners!


Adam Coish Photography
Ahwon Min
Alain Desjean
Alëna Skarina Illustration
Alexandre Chabot
Alison Page

Andi Meier
Angela Gzowski Photography
Anna Goodson Illustration Agency
Annabelle Soucy
Antoine Fortin
Arkan Zakharov Photography
August Industries
Benoit Bruhmuller
Black Lake Media
Brad Pickard
Bradshaw Photography Inc.
Brandon Sellers
Brendan Smyth Photography
Brian Ypperciel
Bruno Florin
C&B Advertising
Cake Imagery
Callie Lipkin Photography
Campfire Studio Ltd.
Carson Ting
CB Photography
Celia Krampien
Chairman Ting Industries Inc.
Cheryl Chalmers
Chloe Yee May
Chris Gordaneer
Chris Frazer Smith Photography & Film
Christian Lalonde
Christian Tremblay
Christopher Morrison Photography
Colagene Creative Clinic
Craig Boyko
Dale Roth
Danielle Matar Photography
Darren Kemper Photography
Darryl Block Photography
Dave Delnea Images
David De Stefano
David Duchemin
David Fierro
David Wile Photography
DDB Canada
Desjean Inc.
Dînette Magazine
Douglas Bradshaw
Eiko Ojala

Emmanuel Polanco
Esther Goh
Ethan Pines Photography
Ewa Cwikla
Fabrice Gaëtan
Fierro photography
Four Eyes Art + Design
Gabriel Nivera Photography
Gabrielle Sykes
Gary Aagaard
German Moreno
Goh Iromoto
Grant Harder
Greer Stothers Illustration
Grip Limted
Hector Herrera
Instil Image Co.
Ionut Radulescu

Issha Marie
James Tse Inc.
Jean-Francois Seguin Photography
Jen Aurich Photography
Jennifer Roberts
Jerry Suh Illustration
Jesse Bondar
Jessica Bromley Bartram Illustration & Design
Jessica Deeks Photography
Jim Norton Photography
João Vaz de Carvalho
Joe Whang
John Londono
Jon Chiang
Jorge Chaves Images
Josée Bisaillon
Joseph Ford
Julien Castanie Illustrations
Julien Grimard
Juniper Park\TBWA
Kate King Wale
Kevin Lanthier
Kim Molle
Kristina Varaksina Photography
Kristine Lippett
leda & St.Jacques
Leo Burnett, Toronto
Les Évadés
Ljubodrag Andric
LM Chabot
Lorraine Turci
Marc-Olivier Bécotte
Marco Goran Romano
Marjorie Guindon

Markku Lahdesmaki Photography
Martin Belanger
Martin Girard
Mary Beth Koeth
Mathieu Lachapelle
Mathieu Levesque
Matt Barnes
Maude Chauvin
MBK Photo
Michael Abril
Michael Zavacky
Miguel Montaner
Mike Ford
Mile Inn
Min Illustration
Nathalie Dion
Nicolas Lambert
Nikki Ormerod
Olga Kozitska

Olivier Staub

Page + Paper
pamela post
Patrick Dias
Paul Giamou Photography Ltd.
Paul Swanson Photography
Peter Andrew Lusztyk
Philippe Richelet
Photolux Commercial Studio
Pinhole Pictures
Post Photography
Qieer Wang
Raeff Miles Photography
Raphael Ouellet
Rebecca Lyon
Reena Newman
Robert Lee
Rocco Baviera
Rodéo Production
Romain Lasser
Ronald Tsang
Roth and Ramberg Photography
Roxanne Pepin
Ryan Rumbolt
Ryan Szulc Photography Inc.
Sandra Larochelle
Sandrine Castellan
Sandy Nicholson
Sarah Beasley
Saty + Pratha
Scott Plumbe Illustration
Sébastien Thibault
Shadow + Shadow Inc.

Shayne Laverdière

Shoot Studio
Simon Duhamel
Sunday Büro

Sylvain Dumais

Tania Overholt
Tanya Goehring
Todd Antony Photography
TOGETHER: Words+Pictures for Art & Culture
Trish Lamanna
Union Montreal
Uno Photodesign
Valerie Boivin
Valérie Laliberté
Vallali Photo
Vera Saltzman
Vincent Dixon Photography
Vincent Gagnon
Virginie Gosselin
Wenyi Geng
Westside Studio
Xavier Girard Lachaîne
Yiqing Zhang
Zetä Production