2018 Photography & Illustration Awards Winners Announced

February 5, 2018

2018 Photography & Illustration Awards Winners Announced

A winner from last year. Wonderlust, "Teen Mental Health - Pathway Through Care," Motion - Single, 2017 Illustration Awards


The winners' list of the 2018 Photography & Illustration Awards is here!


Winners will have their work and credits published on premium paper in the Spring 2018 issue of Applied Arts. They'll also appear in our tablet edition, and in our online Winners' Gallery and Awards Archive. 


Many thanks go to our panel of top senior-level judges (you can read more about them here—it was the same panel for Photography and Illustration), our award sponsors, Fujifilm and Henry's, our print and paper partner Mi5 Print & Digital, and our association partners CAPICGDC and RGD for their help in producing our upcoming Photography & Illustration Awards section.


Find the list after the jump. Emails are rolling out now, so watch for yours! Winners: we are on a tight production deadline, and deadline for hi-res material is this Friday, February 9 at 5 PM.


Thanks to everyone who entered—your work always makes this experience a wonderful one for our judges!


Adrian Armstrong Photography
Adrien Williams Photos
Alain Desjean
Alex Wucherer Illustration
Alexandra Mierzwa
Alexandre Turcotte
Alisha Giroux
Amelie Lehoux
Andréa Hooker
Angela Gzowski Photography
Anna and Elena Balbusso
Annabelle Soucy
Anne-Claire Vimal du Monteil
Anthony Redpath
Antoine Fortin
Ashlea Wessel Photography
Behnod Creative
Bénédicte Brocard Photography
Benoit Bruhmuller
Bottle Rocket Pictures
Brad Montreal
Brad Pickard
Brenna Fallon
Bruhmuller Photographe
C Schel Photography
Camera Department, Inc.
Carson Ting
Cathy Simone Photography
Chairman Ting Industries Inc.
Chico Taeuschel
Chris Crisman
Christian Tremblay Photographe
Cody Greco Photography
Colin Faulkner Photography
Cosmo Campbell Photography
Courtney Boyd
Crisman Photography
Dale Roth
Dana Dorobantu
Daniela Behnod
Dave Delnea Images
David De Stefano
David duChemin
Dejon Walker
Desjean Inc.
Dînette magazine
Donna Griffith Photography
Dushan Milic Illustration
Eric Chan
Eugenia Mello
Felix Renaud
Frank and Oak
Gabrielle Sykes
Gary Aagaard
Gary William Ogle
Gerard Yunker
Goh Iromoto
Groupe d'édition la courte échelle
Hans Laurendeau
Hatch Creative
Istvan (Steve) Pinter
James Tse Inc.
James Turner
Jason Stang
Jason van Bruggen Photography
Jayme Dunn
Jean Francois Seguin Photography
Jeff Sciortino Photography
Jeffrey Milstein
Jens Kristian Balle
Jeremy Leung Illustration
Jianrong Lin
João Vaz de Carvalho
Joey Guidone
John Halliday
John Parra Art and Illustration
JT Illustration
Julien Castanie Illustrations
June Steube
Juniper Park\TBWA
Kate King Wale
Katherine Lam Studios
Kathleen Loski
Katy Dockrill Illustration
KC Armstrong
Kevin Hewitt Photography Inc.
Krug Studios
Laurent Pinabel
Les Évadés
Les Garçons
Libby Oliver
Lindsay Siu
LM Chabot
Logan Brazeau
Luyi Wang
Made of Stills
Magic Box Photography
Manuel Kilger Illustration
Marc-Olivier Bécotte
Marcus Beretta

Markku Lahdesmaki
Marie Sebire Photographe
Mary Haasdyk
Mathieu Lachapelle
Matt Barnes
Miguel Montaner
Motel Studio
Nathan Kirkman
Nguyen Tran
Olivier Staub
Once Films
Patrice Lamoureux
Peter KC Ho Photographics
Philippe Richelet
Pinter Creative Studio
Raeff Miles
Raeff Miles Photography
Raina + Wilson
Ran Zheng
Raphael Ouellet
Redpath Studios
Reena Newman
Rob Lee
Romain Lasser
Roth and Ramberg Photography Inc.
Roxanne Landry
Roxanne Pepin
Ryan Szulc Photography Inc.
Samantha Hull
Samuel Pasquier
Sandy Nicholson Inc.
Sarah Munt
Scott Ramsay Photography
Sébastien Thibault
Shann Larsson
Shimon Photo
Sofia Kirk Photography
Stang Photography
Steve Krug
Studio 331
Tamar Tal-El
Todd Antony
Todd Antony Photography
Universite du Quebec a Montreal
University of Victoria
Uno Photodesign
Valerie Laliberte
Venture Communications
Victor Medina Illustration
Vincent Gagnon
Wesley Bedrosian Studio
Westside Studio
Whitney Gable
Wilson Barry
Zachary J. Bautista