3 New Graphic Design Books to Perfect Your Technique

May 24, 2018

3 New Graphic Design Books to Perfect Your Technique

 Layout Work by Kristin Cullen with Dennis Puhalla



Looking for a new summer read? Interested in taking your work to the next level? With countless design books out there, it may be hard to narrow down which one is a worthy read. So we’ve rounded up three new books that will pique your interest. 


  1. Listening to Design by Andrew Levitt

UK author Andrew Levitt combines his background as an architecture professor and certified Jungian psychotherapist into a guidebook for those who want to create. From start to finish, the creative process is examined through a psychological lens, which will be sure to inspire new ideas and reduce stress. Levitt pays particular attention to the importance of active listening and approaching creative problems with empathy.

Reaktion Books/ $30.00 CAN



  1. Letterforms by Timothy Samara

In this brief history of typography due for release July 3, author and graphic designer Timothy Samara addresses the aesthetical and technical components of typography throughout the years. From moveable type to digital typography, this reference book will provide type nerds with not only a concise history but also endless inspiration.

Rockport Publishers/ $39.00 CAN



  1. Layout Workbook by Kristin Cullen with Dennis Puhalla

In this new and revised edition due for release June 26, Dennis Puhalla provides updated text, images, and case studies to support Kristin Cullen’s original workbook from 2005 that tackles the challenge of finding a layout that fits your project. Everyone from students to professional designers will enjoy the hands-on, how-to chapters.

Rockport Publishers/ $34.99 CAN



—Sabrina Gamrot