A Summit to Savour

Mucho Burrito and Arrivals + Departures Break Down Flavour Walls

September 16, 2021


The political summit, that well orchestrated piece of political theatre, is often not the most flavourful of experiences. Hands are shook, or nowadays fists are bumped, culturally relevant gifts are exchanged, and awkward photos are poised for, all under the auspices of a vague agreement of treaty. Not exactly spicy material, but Arrivals + Departures and Mucho Burrito have taken the parliamentary pageantry and turned it into a culinary conclave with their new series of spots.

“Mucho Burrito has a long history of curating fresh ingredients in exciting and unexpected ways, so when Arrivals + Departures approached us with the idea of collaborating with Rick to create something totally original, it just made so much sense,” says Anita Dewan, Assistant Marketing Manager at MTY Group.

The campaign emulates a news broadcast covering a formal agreement between two nations, in this case India and Mexico, but rather than agreeing to a new trade route or soon-to-be-broken climate pact, the nations are coming together on something we can all appreciate: burritos. The tasty treaty is ratified in the form of the Tandooritto, a fusion of Indian tandoori chicken and Mexican burrito created in partnership with Canadian Chef Rick Matharu.. A political decision that feeds the body politic, literally!

“When we began working with Mucho Burrito, one of the things that stood out for us, was their original approach to fresh ingredients. Anyone can use fresh ingredients but it’s what you do with them that matters. Bringing this opportunity to the team was a no brainer and we hope it’s the first of many,” says Jeff MacEachern, Chief Creative Officer at Arrivals + Departures.

About Arrivals + Departures
Arrivals + Departures is a creative agency with offices in Toronto and Halifax that helps brands navigate the changing world around them. A national, independently owned advertising agency, we harness the collective passion and perspective of our people to see the world differently for our clients’ brands. Arrivals + Departures works with leading Clients including RE/MAX Canada, Fallsview Casino Resort, SkipTheDishes, goeasy Ltd. and Moosehead Breweries.

About Mucho Burrito
Mucho Burrito, Fresh Mexican Grill, is Canada's largest chain of premium fast-casual Mexican restaurants. Since its inception in 2006, Mucho Burrito has been committed to delivering customer satisfaction by creating Mexican-inspired food that lives up to their promise: Fresh Mexican Grill. Mucho Burrito only serves fresh, flavourful food that is made by hand, right in front of customers' eyes. Today, there are over 140 Mucho Burrito locations across North America.

About MTY Group
MTY Group is a family whose heart beats to the rhythm of its banners, the very soul of its multi-branded strategy. For over 35 years, it has been increasing its presence by delivering new concepts in quick-service restaurants and making acquisitions and strategic alliances that have allowed MTY Group to reach new heights year after year.