A Year in the Listening

VW Canada Hijacks Spotify Wrapped

December 3, 2021


“Spotify Wrapped,” that yearly, social ready rundown of your Spotify listening habits that either proves your how tremendous your taste is or mortifies you by how much you listened to “Good 4 You,” has become a end-of-the-year staple up there with awkward work parties and best-of-the-year lists.

In a hijacking a year in the making, Volkswagen’s agency, TYPE1, with creative by TAXI, saw an opportunity to highlight Volkswagen’s commitment to an electrified vehicular future via an electrifying set of tunes.

Over the past year, the professional listeners in charge of Volkswagen’s Spotify account jammed out to nothing but songs related to electricity, green energy, the environment, etc. The resulting “A Year in Electric” Spotify Wrapped featured songs like Drake’s “Charged Up,” Katy Perry’s “Electric,” and AC/DC’s “High Voltage.” It was both electric and eclectic and highlighted the car manufacturer’s dedication to a greener future.

“It’s always fantastic when a brand can put their mission into action. Volkswagen’s commitment to carbon net neutrality is more than just a statement,” said Alexis Bronstorph, Co-Chief Creative Officer, TAXI. “We can bring this to life in really fun ways, like getting in on something we all love to share—Spotify Wrapped.”

Volkswagen is sharing its playlist across its social media channels and on Spotify, natch, which features exclusive cover art by Montreal illustrator Oska. They have also created a video sharing the plugged-in playlist that reflects just how much their drivers enjoy listening to music in their cars, while also stimulating conversations around electric mobility.

All this talk has got us charged up so don’t be surprised if you find us doing the Electric Boogie.

Title: A Year in Electric
Client: Volkswagen Canada

Agency: TYPE1/TAXI
Chief Creative Officers: Alexis Bronstorph, Kelsey Horne
Creative Director: Allen Kwong
Director of Social Media: Greg Krysa
Art Director: Reid Plaxton
Copywriter: Allegra Wiesenfeld
Community Manager: Michal Fetsum
Account Supervisor: Marteen Sevier
Editing: Anna Vershinina
Illustrator: Gab “Oska” Levesque