Befitting the Birthday Suit ...

AtlanTick Repellant Products are as natural as natural can be

May 9, 2023

Befitting the Birthday Suit ...

St John's, NL, Ray Creative Agency shared a new advertising campaign they produced for Nova Scotian client AtlanTick Repellent Products, which launched May 1, 2023. Just in time for those eager gardeners, hikers, naturalists and all-around outdoors people braving the buggy start to the season. Well, it seems like you need to look no further;  "AtlanTick Repellent Products are all-natural, so you can be too."! 


The campaign targets those who care most about nature and can’t find an effective tick spray they believe is safe for them and the environment. People who truly love being outside understand that balance and value the diversity of nature. This is a nuanced take (miles away from frightened roaches screaming "RAIIIIID!") that Ray believes can engage customers who value the environment enough to choose a natural tick repellent over a more traditional synthetic chemical.

Tick protection typically involves long sleeves, knee socks, and full-coverage clothing. Ray's campaign showcases nude nature lovers in a variety of outdoor settings to demonstrate just how natural and effective AtlanTick products really are. Essentially, AtlanTick is so effective, there is no need to wear clothes. The campaign is body positive and inclusive and showcases a variety of people that represent their real-life customer base.


AtlanTick Ray Creative Agency


Ray's goal with this campaign was to communicate to consumers that AtlanTick products are made with natural ingredients and are 100% effective. Not only derived from natural ingredients, it is also scientifically proven and Health Canada-approved option for tick and mosquito repellant. AtlanTick is a small, Nova Scotia-based brand that needed to make a big impact with a bold creative approach to drive awareness of this new-to-the-market tick and bug spray. Ray definitely delivered!


AtlanTick Ray Creative Agency


Creative Credits:
Agency: Ray Creative Agency
Client: AtlanTick Repellent Products
Executive Creative Director: Jenny Smith
Creative Directors: Jeff McLean & Terri Roberts
Art Director: Jeff McLean
Writers: Terri Roberts, Sarah Park
Agency Producer: Jeff McLean
Producer: Laurie McGuinness
Directors: Jeff McLean & Laurie McGuinness
DOP: Byron Kopman
1st AD: Andrew Shirley 
Editor: Sophia Biedka
Sound Design & Mix: Ryan Marchant, Hadron Films
Original Music: Jack McGuinness
Colour: Sophia Biedka
Photographer: Roth & Ramberg
Account Director: Josh Tucker 
Client Lead: Lisa Learning


About AtlanTick:
AtlanTick Repellent Products Inc. is a majority Indigenous women-owned, Nova Scotia-based tick-safety product manufacturing company. AtlanTick offers a line of tick-bite prevention tools, including its all-natural personal tick repellent. |

About Ray Creative Agency
A fiercely independent, full-service creative agency located in St. John’s, NL, Ray is the only women-led and creative-led advertising agency in Atlantic Canada. |