Cancer Pwned

New Fundraising Campaign Encourages Albertans to OWN.Cancer

October 7, 2021


Cancer’s MO is to multiply, overwhelm and invade. It is a marauding disease that divides and conquers the body cell by cell. But its all-encompassing possessiveness is not limited to the corporeal; it can also overwhelm our minds and spirit as it takes over all aspects of our lives.

A new campaign from Calgary-based Daughter for the Alberta Cancer Foundation and the University of Calgary wants to take back the reins from cancer. In an effort to raise $250 million to support the new Calgary Cancer Centre, Daughter has developed the OWN.Cancer campaign. Launching with the tagline, “The more we own cancer, the less it owns us,” OWN.Cancer is a battle cry against that aforementioned marauder drawing Albertans together against a common enemy to reverse the power dynamic.

“There is no one in our province that hasn’t been affected by cancer, but we’re not powerless in the equation. Thanks to the incredible healthcare workers, and generous donors who give their time and money, we’re making enormous strides. This campaign is about embracing our collective strength,” said Daughter Creative Director, Keli Pollock. As part of the campaign, Daughter developed a line of OWN. Branded streetwear, produced by Calgary-based apparel company Local Laundry. Proceeds from the sale of the hoodies, t-shirts, toques, and other merch will help the Calgary Cancer Centre meet its fundraising goals. The campaign launches with a commercial directed by Christopher Brown of Animals featuring music by award-winning sound studio 6 Degrees. The spot features a cast of volunteer medical staff, cancer survivors, patients, and supporters in their OWN.Cancer threads.

“Daughter was tasked with a lofty goal: help us create a strong brand that represents all three partner organizations, stands out above the noise and will inspire our community to give to this cancer campaign. They did that and more,” states Phoebe Dey, VP of Communications and Marketing at the Alberta Cancer Foundation. “They captured our Albertan spirit, our determination and are helping us tell an Alberta story that will be a big part of the reason we will be successful on our fundraising goals.”

The campaign is off to a successful start with over $70 million already committed. To find out how you can help own cancer, visit