Catherine Gravel: Boutique is Beautiful

Kudos to the small design firm, where small x small = big

February 12, 2020


Catherine Gravel is Founder / Creative Director of Quatre par Quatre in Montreal, QC  

Catherine began her career as an art director, with a particular interest in editorial design, and regularly contributed to – and redesigned – many leading Francophone publications such as Châtelaine, Elle Quebec, and Savourer, in addition to Air Canada’s bilingual EnRoute. She also worked on several book projects. Catherine founded Quatre par Quatre as the editorial scene began its decline, choosing to re-direct her focus on branding, strategy and creative collaboration. She believes that strong branding needs to reflect the brand’s values and highlight its individuality while speaking directly to its target audience. She is passionate about collaborating with small brands and takes the time to showcase and communicate the passion of the artisans and creators.

So kudos to the small design firm, where small does not mean less experience, and where smaller clients can get big ideas and beautiful outcomes. Catherine Gravel certainly proves that. 

Nowhere is this more evident than in the project Catherine (a recent AA Awards judge) sent us to share with our readers. It's a re-design for a small boutique in Montreal, created with Catherine's "boutique" approach to design.



"The reason why this branding was a success is really about the fact that the new identity reflects who they really are," says Catherine. "After 10 years in business it was time. Their previous 'auto-made' branding was not really representative of those two young and creative entrepreneures. Buk&Nola is a small boutique in The Plateau area in Montreal. Every little piece in this boutique is chosen and beautiful. They also do interior design, always with a lot of charm and warmth."


"We did all the stationary pieces, their new logo, packaging, and website."



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