Come in like an Un-Wrecking Ball

Kids confront the climate and food insecurity crisis ahead of them in MadeGood’s first campaign created by Broken Heart Love Affair

August 18, 2021


A recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) made the realities of climate change painfully clear, we, or rather the 100 companies responsible for 71% of global emissions, have wrecked the planet.

The impacts of climate change are very difficult for our brains to comprehend; we are literally wired to ignore it. However, as the effects of manmade ecological disaster is made ever more apparent, we cannot ignore the ramifications of a warming earth and the realities, like food insecurity that it brings. One generation that particularly cannot ignore the realities of our wrecked future is the future generation.

madegood, broken heart love affair, climate change

The youth of today have been left to carry the wrecking ball of centuries of climate mismanagement, but they aren’t going quiet into that sweltering night. Healthy snack company MadeGood is empowering them to enact change within their communities with a new platform and campaign created by Toronto-based agency Broken Heart Love Affair. The goal? Unring the bell and “Un-Wreck the Future.”

“MadeGood is a company built on purpose and with a mission to feed the tummies and minds of children with nutrition, compassion and inspiration,” says MadeGood brand manager Milana Kleidman. “We realize we have an obligation to do our part for the betterment for the world. Our ‘Un-Wreck the Future’ campaign highlights the issues facing our future, but there is an air of optimism felt through the energy, passion and action coming from the children that we serve. Together we can accomplish great feats. This campaign is both an introduction to our core values and an open invitation for all of us to share ideas and energy towards a better future.”

The ambitious, multi-year platform will strive to create a better, healthier, more equitable society, with food insecurity being the priority in its first year. Exasperated by the COVID-19 pandemic, experts state that as many as 1.7 millions Canadians and 42 million Americans face going hungry.

The campaign launch coincides with a call-to-action for young activists to take part in “Un-Wrecking the Future” by uploading a one-minute video outlining the steps they’ve taken to address food insecurity in their community, why they want to be a part of the cause and what local causes they want to see benefit from the support. MadeGood is making an effort to make Un-Wrecking Crews in communities across the continent.

madegood, broken heart love affair, climate change

Each participant will receive one (1) box of MadeGood product, while the company will also provide up to $100,000 in in-kind donations to those causes identified by Un-Wrecking Crew recruits.

“It’s time to un-wreck our future with a different way of behaving and of thinking about ourselves, our food, and the world around us,” said Carlos Moreno, Partner & Chief Creative Officer of Broken Heart Love Affair. “It’s time to save ourselves from ourselves. But it’s not as serious as it sounds. It can be fun. Playful. Energetic. And, completely rewarding.”



Campaign Title: Un-Wreck The Future 
Client: MadeGood 
Senior Director, Marketing: Wade Crouch
Brand Manager: Milana Kleidman
Assistant Brand Manager: Ilana Lander 

Agency: Broken Heart Love Affair
Partners, Chief Creative Officers: Carlos Moreno, Denise Rossetto, Todd Mackie
Partner, Chief Strategy Officer: Jay Chaney
Partner, Chief Business Officer: Beverley Hammond
Creative Directors: Jordan Hamer, Spencer Dingle
Copywriter: Jordan Hamer
Art Director: Spencer Dingle
Designer: Yan Li
Agency Producer: Sumit Ajwani/ Sarah Lasch
VP, Client Success: Joline Matika
Account Supervisor: Maddy Cassidy

Production Company: Radke Film Group
Director: Michael Clowater
Executive Producer: Dan Ford
Producer: Gill Gardner
Director of Photography: Tico Poulakakis

Edit House: Saints
Editor: Brian Williams
Assistant Editors: Nick Coleman, Corinne Grans-Wood
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Casting: Powerhouse Casting
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VFX and Colour House: Darling
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Audio house: OSO Sound
Sound Supervision & Mix Daenen Bramberger
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PR, Media, Web, Digital 
Agency: Lifelong Crush w/ Hype (CAD PR), Coast (US PR), Epitaph (Media)
Creative Directors: Mark Rozeluk
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Designer: Yan Li
Motion Graphics Designer: James Paznar
EVP, Managing Director: Caroline Kilgour
Account Supervisor: Maddy Cassidy