Derwyn Goodall: A Rigorous Attention to Craft

How to get a client to treat your self-promo like art

February 24, 2020


Derwyn Goodall is Creative Director / Principal at Goodall Integrated Design in Toronto, ON  

Derwyn Goodall, RGD, is an award-winning creative director, art director and graphic designer with more than 30 years of design and branding experience. His work has been recognized by RGD’s Design at Work, ARC Awards, Applied Arts, Society of Graphic Designers of Canada, Graphis, Advertising & Design Club of Canada, the AR100, and the New York Type Directors Club. Derwyn is also active in design education, serving as an Adjunct Professor at OCAD U, a curriculum consultant, an admissions interviewer and a reviewer for National Portfolio Day. He also hosts an ongoing series of inspiration, insights and opinions focusing on how purpose-driven design gives business a competitive advantage in the marketplace on his blog ‘Design Dispatch’, posted on LinkedIn and

Creds like that made Derwyn a natural choice for one of our recent Awards juries. When we asked him to share a recent project with our readers, Derwyn sent over a self-promo that proves he walks that talk about the competitive advantages of purpose-driven design. No run-of-the-mill self-promo, Derwyn went a bit old school with a series a printed posters that demonstrate the rigorous attention to craft that's one of his trademarks. They also demonstrate how to get clients to treat your self-promo like art and not disposable messages. 



"As part of a greater marketing effort, I designed a series of promotional posters celebrating design, business and positive messaging. Each poster used typography as it’s primary image and worked within an established format. Each was sent to new and existing clients as printed samples and as digital files."



And the response? The results? "Client response has been very positive. Some have been framed and are hanging in their respective offices. Industry response has also been very positive. The posters have garnered seven Graphis Silver awards for design and one has been shortlisted for Communication Arts Typography 2020 competition."