Distract Then Drive

CAA reminds you to get distractions out of your system before you drive

May 6, 2022


It’s 2022. We’ve all had phones for what feels like forever and each year they get better and better at keeping our eyes glued to them. We also know that peeping that latest notification or dashing off a quick text while behind the wheel is extremely bad. We’ve heard the horror stories, we’ve watched the Werner Herzog doc, we know it’s bad, but we still do it.

Rather than continue to hammer home the negatives, you aren’t going to beat the director of Aguirre, the Wrath of God when it comes to showing a bad time, the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) and One Twenty Three West (123w) have launched a new campaign with a catchy and upbeat song that promotes the simple distraction directive: do it all before you drive.

“We know from past work that positive reinforcement works a lot better than wagging our fingers and saying don’t do this or don’t do that” says Ian Jack, Vice President of Public Affairs at CAA National. “And the nature of distractions has evolved with vehicles. It’s not just the phone anymore. It’s the massive dashboard screens, it’s all the new features, it’s everything in the car.” 

CAA’s partner agency 123w worked with director Kid Studio and WeAreColossal, who have shot music videos for the likes of Drake, Post Malone, and The Chainsmokers. CultNation, who works with artists like Juno-nominated Charlotte Cardin, help set the lyrics to music. 

“We wanted the phrase ‘Do it all before you drive’ to stick in people’s heads, and be super memorable,” adds Associate Creative Director at 123w Gerardo Agbuya. “Something people would remember when they start up their cars.” 

“I’ve heard the song maybe a thousand times at this point and I’m not even sick of it,” jokes Associate Creative Director Jesse Wilks.

Team Credentials: 

Agency: @123w.ca 
Creative Directors: Bryan Collins, Rob Sweetman 
Associate Creative Directors: Jesse Wilks, Gerardo Agbuya 
Agency Account Director: Matt McGarva, Lauren Camara 
Agency Producer: Paula Gill @pjwinsome 
Production company: Colossale @wearecolossale 
Director: kid studio @kidstudio, Glenn Michael @glennmichael_ 
DOP: Bobby Shore 
EP: Christian Tyler 
Line Producer: Cam Frengopoulos 
Audio production: Cult Nation @cultnation 
Editor: Ashton Lewis @smileandwavetoronto Colour/online: @studiofeather